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It’s always that way with us. We post, batten down the hatches and get ready… and nothing. Another day, we think, “Good post, but kinda boring,” and BOOM! Comments.
Blogging is a lifestyle, bro  You embrace it and breathe it, or you sorta-kinda-halfway try.
I agree – the comment section is highly, highly undervalued these days, with everyone out to write great posts. Some of the best points come up in conversation, not in the posts themselves

23 maj 2022 05:20 av 토토사이트


Sounds like a lot more work than ending with “and that is that.”
I think it depends on how it’s done. Sometimes when a post ends with a question, I feel like I have to answer that question in order to comment, or I’m off-topic. If I have no answer to the question, I simply move on. That said,
I’ve been experimenting with this technique on my own blog, and trying to make the questions open enough so that people don’t feel like they have to answer them in order to comment. We’ll see how it goes…

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Convoys near Belgorod

There's plenty of other evidence of the military build-up in the Belgorod region too.
CNN geolocated these videos at the village of Sereteno, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) from the border. They were uploaded on Sunday and show tanks moving through the area.

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대전 유성구에서 약국을 운영 중인 약사 A(40대)씨는 5일 머니투데이에 "일반 약을 5만 원에 팔고 민사 소송을 제출하면 환불해주고, 재방문 시 내방신청서를 작성하라고 안내하는 것은 과거 한 대기업으로부터 배운 방법"이라고 설명했다.
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